Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ambrosia Fever

Playful flames dash from my lips
Enmired in viscous blackness,
Slowly floating, descending depths
Dream fevered aberrent fables,

Dragon's breath sparks kindling
Burning testaments, millenial fervor,
Seductive yet ghastly phantoms
Fondle languid viscera last,

Forbidden mirrors' deep glass
Dark burgundy ambrosia,
Inner sanctum bejeweled
Tiara light crystallized.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remember... what the doormouse said...
spin resonance superpositioned
observer collapses waves,
computational quanta
reality reboots,
Feed your head... Feed your head.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Brave Democrat

Lying as if crumpled, constant pain emanates from her deepest viscera. Bravely clinging to life, she can ingest only meager droplets of water; ice is her greatest pleasure. The years of nausea and torment throughout her abdomen could be concluded soon. Her most recent surgery, during which her bowels were cut and stitched in several places, remains her only hope to reverse years of intensive illnesses.

She relies on the government to pay for the astronomical medical costs. She is my Mother, and is thankful that she supported the Democrats all these years. When they established Medicare and Medicade, she supported them. While they defended such programs for the poor and the weak from ravening Republicans, she supported them. She supported them for the sake of those who do not enjoy the successes that some do; simply due to the vagaries of this life, we will always have the poor and the downtrodden.

There have been many others, through the millenia, who have also spoken in defense of "the least of these." American Democrats uphold this upright tradition. I'm glad that I do too, for my Mom's sake and for all those who could not otherwise have a decent life in this great country. It is great because of liberty, life, pursuit of happiness and justice for ALL.

I am utterly astonished at the insensitivity of anyone saying that having government healthcare insurance is wrong. Thank God that it exists, with the undying assistance of the Democrats. And thank God for that most inspirational Democrat, my dear Mother, audaciously holding on to life and hoping for liberty from the hospital bed, continuing to bring happiness to her family.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Republican discontent is simply a matter of rebellion, an undeniable facet of humanity. Perhaps that's the initializing factor, what sets them off. However, this is only the ninth month of Mr. Obama's presidency and he is not a hegemon. Unless he's torturing people, the response is extreme.

There are other factors in play. For one, the economy tanked only last year, people are still upset and want to blame someone. Also, most media no longer simply report news. More accurately, entertainment is a more apt description. And because of the number of news outlets, a person has the choice of listening only to those who are in agreement with one's opinions. Moreover, opinions are given precedence over facts.

I'm personally intrigued by how we now live in a "post-fact" society, but I'm not happy about it. In the book, True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society (2008). the author illustrates the extent to which arguments devoid of any fact whatsoever have intruded on and taken over what is purported to be “discourse.” This is the language of the new tribalism, the symptom of disintegrating society, and the morsels of decaying community. It's the exact reason that little Ms. Death Panel herself reiterates her absurd assertions. Simply, it is only proganda, which is just wrong. Is that just an opinion?

I understand that many of the modern tea-partiers call themselves "libertarians." No one who voted for George W. Bush can even be imagined as such. After such huge intrusions of government as Homeland Security, The Patriot Act or the torturing of war prisoners, libertarianism was executed without a blindfold.

Most of all, the present-day rebelliousness, as it were, reminds me of the the demonstrations in 1968 at the Democratic Nat'l Convention (by young Republicans?). Perhaps the Chicago Seven are back at it? http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/Chicago7/Chicago7.html

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There is a distinct effort in recent years to reduce communications to minimal, very base levels. Such simplistic assertions were widely noted in recent 'civic' events like townhall meetings. Many attending simply acted as if they were poorly-disciplined children. But often an argument is framed that one does not understand a subject unless one can put it in terms that a six-year-old can understand. This parroted refrain is simply absurd. However, the events were disrupted with little more than childish taunts. Unfortunately, the concept of six-year-old understanding has taken hold of society. But many of the concepts that need to be discussed are beyond the ken of a such a child. Quite simply, at six years old, a person has a lot to learn. Isn’t it simply insulting to communicate to all people like small children?

An adult is of course insulted when one talks down to them, as if they were a young child. Unless they actually have the capabilities of a six-year-old, one condescends to an audience by couching concepts simplistically. And there is no reason to think that children can understand everything at six years of age. Besides, most people are adults. Those in westernized, educated countries should know their way around a dictionary. Now more than ever, it is convenient to utilize dictionaries in myriad forms.

A major precept of civilization itself is language. Thus, if communication is allowed to degrade, so will culture itself. In point of fact, there is a distinct trend for people to act less civilized and more violently, increasing in recent decades. Basically, this is undisciplined behavior that could be expected of a child. Consider again the recent townhall meetings. Apparently, such complex conceptualizations as working for the greater good are being lost.

Civilizations come and go, sometimes degenerating into barbarism when the conceptual frameworks of government and justice are neglected. Of course, schools perpetuate languages, sciences and civics - communications on all levels. While the educational system fails, violence and crime increase to barbarous levels, even within schools themselves. Not only can six-year-olds understand the connection, they experience these effects first-hand. But if higher concepts are taught (communicated), a six-year-old can grow out of the condition of ignorance.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Del Squared

Sum of differences
Sigma times delta squared,
And in analyses
Sets are perfectly paired,

Fractal geometry
Integral exponents,
Iterated freely
Plotting magnificence,

The one thing that matters
Only the divergence,
A blank pattern shatters
With a spark of genius,

With difference and sum
Replicated error,
Added infinitum
Makes the moment matter,

If all were just the same
Only one thing would be,
Nothing could have a name
Not one thing, none only.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deepest Violet

Deepest violet casts
A faint hue in the sky,
Just bare moments it lasts
'Til the morn lights my eye,

Bare dark purple brightens
Without shadow it seems to pour
Dribbling barest radience,
Morning's first gasp strengthens
Yet the moment lingers
As a clinging fragrance
A whispered promise
An untold secret
The first color of dawn
Persists all the day long.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cast the shadows of time long
Shades of bare recollection,
Whispers of the mulling throng
Blend as the murmur of one,

Chant the tales of yesteryear
A chilling incantation,
The innermost soul can hear
Songs of the deeds that were done,

Canst thou the verse recollect,
Written when the world was young?
Pause now that you may reflect
Upon ballads heroes sung,

An internal history
Etched in spirit crystalline,
Look within your heart to see
The places we all have been.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three More Gardens

As noted in the previous gardening entry, gardens can take many forms. In the photo to the left, three gardens are visible: the strawberry patch previously mentioned; an herb garden, and; a traditional vegetable garden. And further down the hill, out of view is something of a 'wild' garden where native vegetation grows.

The herb garden, in the next photo, is also a rock garden with a variety of plants. It's under development but may always remain in that state. There's a number of perennials in it like aromatic grasses, rosemary and mother of thyme. But there's some annuals too, like a culinary geranium with an orange flavor. It's not strictly for herbs, then again, there's really no strict definition of an herb. And as it is neither exclusively an herb or rock garden, so too might it be called a rain garden. Note that water drains directly onto a portion of it, while rainwater from the gutter fills a 'cascading' pond alongside it. It's very enjoyable to develop this, finding what works out and what look good.

The herb-rock-rain garden could get a lot bigger. Some drawings should probably be made first to experiment with ideas. The next garden pictured is for vegetables. It has a four-feet high fence because there are many critters in my neighborhood. There are deer, rabbits, squirrels, opossoms and woodchucks, at least.

The final photo (below) is of the 'wild' garden for native plants. Most of the plants came from seed obtained at a nearby prairie restoration area. It may take some time to engender the natural vegetation. Things that "just grow" at a location are not necessarily native to a particular region. Many plants were introduced when people first settled in an area. Some they brought along on purpose like favorite vegetables, others essentially hitched a ride. In this way, invasive species got a foothold to later flourish, because in the new environment had no natural predators. Invasive plants and animals tend to push out the native life, which not only disturbs natural aesthetics, but also upsets the balance of the ecosystem.


Bedecked with misty shroud
The moon beams languidly,
Floating upon a cloud
Bright, sleepy eye spies me,

Flying above all night
Ruling the sky supreme,
Caught in her dreamy sight
We ride her crystal beam,

Temptress straddling the sky
Her bright eye opens wide,
Take my hand and we'll fly
Surfing the rising tide,

Tasty moondrops outpour
Tinged with earthly delights,
Glistening with l'amour
Feeling her tender bites,

Entranced, basking in silver
Feeling her subtle song,
Enchanted with fever
She begs all the night long,

Soon her full midnight stare
Will pour on us like cream,
Struck in her naked glare
Sprung from fountains of dream.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Arcing through nightly skies
Flaming languid passion,
Kissing stars as She flies
Fluttering in lunation,

Brightly feathered arching
Casting subtle shadows,
Seas and Earth hear Her sing
Burning in poems and prose,

Bards' quills wrought of Her plumes
Shedding mighty feathers,
Her monthly wing-beat looms
Raising the tides and waters,

Brimming liquid essence
Dolloping like a song,
Enchanting every sense
Her influence more than strong.

Magickal Blue

The new moon brightly broods

Her celestial horns piercing,

Tempting seductive moods

You almost hear her sing,

Wanton silver sliver

Through deep blue she eases,

An electric shiver

Lifts hair while it pleases,

Jewel hanging above

Shoots out moonbeams to ride,

Moondrops tasting of love

Warm dew for us to glide,

By her charms enraptured

Sweet Venus caresses,

While in her spell captured

The sunset obsesses,

Trees feel her light touching

Seas see her slender form,

Magick cast while watching

She gives back soft and warm.

Creative Gardens

Gardening brings up the greatest in us, even with creativity. People have probably tried different ways of growing food from time immemorial. Even today, everyday objects find their final use in growing things.

For the sandbox at the house I recently bought, I wanted a better use than a public commode for local strays. A few bags of soil and several strawberry plants later, plus stakes and netting, and I've got more strawberries than I can eat. I planted the "ever-bearing" type so I harvest them through the growing season. Because sandy soil is great for strawberries this application was ideal. Besides, the local kitties had already fertilized it. And the berries are easy to get to, being slightly elevated. Also there's four seats - no waiting.

Dwight David Eisenhower

Riding his military success all the way to the White House, Dwight Eisenhower's life was never paralleled. After West Point he rose rapidly through military ranks. With effective tactics and personnel skills as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II, he paved a track to become president. He enjoyed two very productive presidential terms with widespread approval. Yes, that is the word "enjoyed" with respect to a U.S. presidency.


General Eisenhower resigned his military commission to serve in the civilian postition of Commander-In-Chief. And as such, he was clear about the influences that drove America. His concerns were never more imperative than now, because they have never been addressed seriously. As an elder statesman, having only the interests of the U.S. in mind, he gave a stern warning:


The Crash of 2008

The world has managed some recovery after capitalism attempted to devour itself last year. But those who led us down the path of their inevitable destruction are now the loudest whiners. We are discovering that it was worse than imagined; also the socialistic measures instituted were once again the saviour of the capitalists.

Predictable even by their own equations, the most greedy among us plunged the entire world to the brink of a labyrinthine abyss of depression. And those who represent the capitatists the most, who are the Republican Party of the United States, refuse to participate in the recovery. How often can history repeat itself without society learning? Apparently, ad naseum. The Republicans should sicken any person with merely a consciousness, perhaps even simply a pulse.

Of course we need people to take risks with their money to keep it circulating. But if they didn't and just hoarded it, what would it be worth? Who would want it? It is the duty capitalists owe to themselves to keep their money in circulation. And as everyone knows, labor is the source of all wealth. So, is it the duty of labor to bail out the capitalists when their excesses become brinksmanship? It's as big a racket as war itself. Also as everyone knows, war is the biggest tool for 'wealth creation' that capitalism has ever known. Some of our most credible military generals (including a president) warned of the military-industrial connection. LISTEN TO THEM

President Eisenhower: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY