Wednesday, September 23, 2009
There is a distinct effort in recent years to reduce communications to minimal, very base levels. Such simplistic assertions were widely noted in recent 'civic' events like townhall meetings. Many attending simply acted as if they were poorly-disciplined children. But often an argument is framed that one does not understand a subject unless one can put it in terms that a six-year-old can understand. This parroted refrain is simply absurd. However, the events were disrupted with little more than childish taunts. Unfortunately, the concept of six-year-old understanding has taken hold of society. But many of the concepts that need to be discussed are beyond the ken of a such a child. Quite simply, at six years old, a person has a lot to learn. Isn’t it simply insulting to communicate to all people like small children?

An adult is of course insulted when one talks down to them, as if they were a young child. Unless they actually have the capabilities of a six-year-old, one condescends to an audience by couching concepts simplistically. And there is no reason to think that children can understand everything at six years of age. Besides, most people are adults. Those in westernized, educated countries should know their way around a dictionary. Now more than ever, it is convenient to utilize dictionaries in myriad forms.

A major precept of civilization itself is language. Thus, if communication is allowed to degrade, so will culture itself. In point of fact, there is a distinct trend for people to act less civilized and more violently, increasing in recent decades. Basically, this is undisciplined behavior that could be expected of a child. Consider again the recent townhall meetings. Apparently, such complex conceptualizations as working for the greater good are being lost.

Civilizations come and go, sometimes degenerating into barbarism when the conceptual frameworks of government and justice are neglected. Of course, schools perpetuate languages, sciences and civics - communications on all levels. While the educational system fails, violence and crime increase to barbarous levels, even within schools themselves. Not only can six-year-olds understand the connection, they experience these effects first-hand. But if higher concepts are taught (communicated), a six-year-old can grow out of the condition of ignorance.

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