Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Bedecked with misty shroud
The moon beams languidly,
Floating upon a cloud
Bright, sleepy eye spies me,

Flying above all night
Ruling the sky supreme,
Caught in her dreamy sight
We ride her crystal beam,

Temptress straddling the sky
Her bright eye opens wide,
Take my hand and we'll fly
Surfing the rising tide,

Tasty moondrops outpour
Tinged with earthly delights,
Glistening with l'amour
Feeling her tender bites,

Entranced, basking in silver
Feeling her subtle song,
Enchanted with fever
She begs all the night long,

Soon her full midnight stare
Will pour on us like cream,
Struck in her naked glare
Sprung from fountains of dream.

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