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Revealing brain damage from battlefield to playing field | Reuters

UPDATE 1-Revealing brain damage from battlefield to playing field | Reuters: An injured brain is so littered with the chewed-up remains of neurons and other cells that "it looks like autophagy - the brain eating itself alive," said Lee Goldstein, an Alzheimer's researcher at the Boston University School of Medicine.
Finally, we're finding out what has happened in "shell shock."  I remember a guy in our little town, who everyone called "Shorty."  He walked everywhere, which was becoming 'odd' by the mid-1960s.  Living in an abandoned house out in the woods, he would show up around town and everyone seemed to know him - and that he was "shell-shocked."  He obviously had behavior problems, and it seemed he perceived  things differently.
I also dealt with major head traumas, from which it was actually astounding that I survived.  So I can completely understand the what happens mentally.  Also I sympathize with

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One side of the moon is permanently turned away from the Earth due to tidal forces creating what is known as “tidal-lock."  To better understand our celestial companion, we launched dual space sensor satellites on a reconaissance mission, GRAIL:
Because the moon doesn’t rotate on its axis, the far side receives no relief from meteors and other space debris travelling in its direction. The result is the cratered surface you see below.

The far side as imaged by the Apollo 16 spacecraft:
Part of the near side is on the left in this image.

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Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K & Soha Remix) 

Muses' Fates

Muses' Fates

Laughing Muses dancing
Round about dearest Fates,
All together singing
Each with the other mates,

Born from their love-making
Poets washed with fresh dew,
And while dew-drops yet cling
Verses are penned anew,

The moist ink transforming
Beading upon the quill,
Now evaporating
Crystalline words distill,

To the Fates, Muses sing
With pleasured notes, throats fill,
Satisfied, they take wing
Off, to another thrill.
© 2007 T.A.Rickey