Monday, August 3, 2009

The Crash of 2008

The world has managed some recovery after capitalism attempted to devour itself last year. But those who led us down the path of their inevitable destruction are now the loudest whiners. We are discovering that it was worse than imagined; also the socialistic measures instituted were once again the saviour of the capitalists.
Predictable even by their own equations, the most greedy among us plunged the entire world to the brink of a labyrinthine abyss of depression. And those who represent the capitatists the most, who are the Republican Party of the United States, refuse to participate in the recovery. How often can history repeat itself without society learning? Apparently, ad naseum. The Republicans should sicken any person with merely a consciousness, perhaps even simply a pulse.

Of course we need people to take risks with their money to keep it circulating. But if they didn't and just hoarded it, what would it be worth? Who would want it? It is the duty capitalists owe to themselves to keep their money in circulation. And as everyone knows, labor is the source of all wealth. So, is it the duty of labor to bail out the capitalists when their excesses become brinksmanship? It's as big a racket as war itself. Also as everyone knows, war is the biggest tool for 'wealth creation' that capitalism has ever known. Some of our most credible military generals (including a president) warned of the military-industrial connection. LISTEN TO THEM

President Eisenhower:

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