Sunday, September 27, 2009

Republican discontent is simply a matter of rebellion, an undeniable facet of humanity. Perhaps that's the initializing factor, what sets them off. However, this is only the ninth month of Mr. Obama's presidency and he is not a hegemon. Unless he's torturing people, the response is extreme.

There are other factors in play. For one, the economy tanked only last year, people are still upset and want to blame someone. Also, most media no longer simply report news. More accurately, entertainment is a more apt description. And because of the number of news outlets, a person has the choice of listening only to those who are in agreement with one's opinions. Moreover, opinions are given precedence over facts.

I'm personally intrigued by how we now live in a "post-fact" society, but I'm not happy about it. In the book, True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society (2008). the author illustrates the extent to which arguments devoid of any fact whatsoever have intruded on and taken over what is purported to be “discourse.” This is the language of the new tribalism, the symptom of disintegrating society, and the morsels of decaying community. It's the exact reason that little Ms. Death Panel herself reiterates her absurd assertions. Simply, it is only proganda, which is just wrong. Is that just an opinion?

I understand that many of the modern tea-partiers call themselves "libertarians." No one who voted for George W. Bush can even be imagined as such. After such huge intrusions of government as Homeland Security, The Patriot Act or the torturing of war prisoners, libertarianism was executed without a blindfold.

Most of all, the present-day rebelliousness, as it were, reminds me of the the demonstrations in 1968 at the Democratic Nat'l Convention (by young Republicans?). Perhaps the Chicago Seven are back at it?


    Fight extremism by removing the most extreme elected official??? That is Michelle Bachmann's opponent in Minnesota.

  2. I gather that Ms. Bachmann is a clone of little Ms. Death Panel and Annorexic Coulter.