Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rickey's Law

Rickey's Law -- Because everything is the same only different:
if anything can happen it will or it already has, again.
The 4-Dimensional Euclidean cube, known since antiquity. The translated 3-Dimensional cube is highlighted within it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Medieval Handfasting

An announcement from Friar Todd - The Betrothed, Lady Danielle & Sir Jonathon, were wed the Fourth Day of July, 2010 at Wildlife Prairie Park, near Edwards, Illinois. Amongst lively revelers, The Sagers enjoyed their first hours with feasting and merriment. Witnesseth:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An early garden tour

My optimistic thermometer on a blue spruce in front of the strawberry patch, budding peonies and two very young lilac bushes

The strawberries did okay after being tarped all winter and with a couple of episodes of "tarp removal regret" this spring. I think these should be moved so I won't have to tarp them at all (maybe they should do that with the banks, they off-shore their profits anyway).

The vegetable garden with paving stones for walking around on wet days and fencing because of deer, rabbits and a groundhog (I've watched the latter dig up garlic planted around the outside!)

If you look really close, you can see the tomato plant starts to the right of the onions, which were doing okay even during the winter. But I've already lost several starts of tomatoes and basil but have plenty left, even after this second round. I'm as optimistic as the thermometer :)

New fire pit

Young blueberry bush (1 of 4)

Edging now further expanded (Can't believe I used to risk my neck mowing this!)

Very proud of my Virginia Bluebell, which has survived a few transplantings and Wisconsin frost

"Shouldn't you be planting these two new trees?"

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Gardens

My Gardens...

Over the course of three years, I've developed a few garden spaces as well as interesting landscaping. At first, it was pretty minimal, just a couple of patches of vegetables in the yard (at left above).

Then there's some gardening that takes care of itself...
The vegetable garden is along the right margin, near center, in the image above. But the point here is to show the beautiful purple highlights in the lawn and the lilac bushes in the background. Great color combinations, so here are more close-ups:

Mmmmmmm, one can almost taste the colors...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Watches of the Night

Usher from deep Neptunian mist
Dank and bewebbed corpses darkened,
Beckon their shades, their spirits list
Therefore may we their epitaphs hearken,

Days of yore, night long forgotten
Midnight oil burning in a pen,
Bequeath golden quill and fountain
So lyrical genius rides again,

Unlatch the bolt from the chamber door
Whose secret key only poets hold,
Then dare bid us to the hearth to implore
Of ayres penned in madness, never told...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dianic Apollo

Dianic Apollo

I raise the eastern glow
While blossoming petals' shine,
The car of Apollo
Heralded in shades of wine,
Chariot rising so
To mingle lovers' lights divine,

Setting upon Her west
Diana fully in rest,
Now the night in repose
Casting Her moon-shadows

Our kiss, the edge of night
Lovers bare in full sight,
Promise love consummate
Only a fortnight to wait,

Our celestial dance
Reflects on mortal skin,
Engendering romance
For truest hearts to win,
Eliminating chance
Caught up with heavens' spin.

© 2009 T.A.Rickey

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The world has managed some recovery after capitalism attempted to devour itself once more. But those who led us down the path of their inevitable destruction are now the loudest whiners. We are discovering that it was worse than imagined. Also we know that the socialistic measures instituted were once again the saviour of the capitalists (read - bailouts). But now, when hope appears in many facets of economic indicators, jobs aren't being created. Who's fault? Well, who hires people? You guessed it, the capitalists. But they are content to let the government pay unemployment compensation to people who would otherwise end up rioting. Such histories are proven in blood.

Predictable even by their own equations, the most greedy among us plunged the entire world to the brink of a labyrinthine abyss of depression. And those who represent the capitalists the most, who are the Republican Party of the United States, refuse to participate in the recovery. Now these same people refuse to do any hiring! How often can history repeat itself without society learning? Apparently, ad nauseum. The Republicans have refused any measure of assistance for not only the economy but also to it's very backbone, the workers.

Of course we need people to take risks with their money to keep it circulating. But if they didn't and just hoarded it, what would it be worth? Who would want it? It is the duty capitalists owe to themselves to keep their money in circulation. But as everyone knows, labor is the source of all wealth. So, is it the duty of labor to bail out the capitalists when their excesses become brinkmanship? Pitiably, yes, and so do labor's children and even their children by way of taxes to pay off the Republican binge of spending and tax cuts for the wealthy. And of course the wars of the Republicans rage on, maximizing our debt, again ad nauseum. But they couldn't be bothered with 'details' like infrastructure - roads, bridges, information, et cetera.

Republicans are shamefully opposed to providing for such basic human needs as healthcare. But if the businesses they own would be better providers of such minimal services, the government would not need to step in to fill this very desperate need. Instead, their concern is merely to funnel wealth to fewer and fewer people. Theirs is the legacy of the Whig Party, essentially bankers' interests who also led the U.S. into a severe depression!

There is no credible doubt that unregulated financial machinations were responsible for the banking collapses and global recession of 2007-2009. The Republicans are thoroughly aware of this, they are the party of deregulation. When they had sizable U.S. political majorities in recent years, they in fact deregulated financial sectors to unparalleled levels; the distinction of "bank" was even blurred. While such irresponsibility allowed a temporary boom, it was short-lived. Now while Republicans sock away former profits, they complain about jobs. But primarily, they are the ones with wealth and companies, they must create the jobs. They appear to be creating unemployment artificially for political gain.