Saturday, May 26, 2012

Revealing brain damage from battlefield to playing field | Reuters

UPDATE 1-Revealing brain damage from battlefield to playing field | Reuters: An injured brain is so littered with the chewed-up remains of neurons and other cells that "it looks like autophagy - the brain eating itself alive," said Lee Goldstein, an Alzheimer's researcher at the Boston University School of Medicine.
Finally, we're finding out what has happened in "shell shock."  I remember a guy in our little town, who everyone called "Shorty."  He walked everywhere, which was becoming 'odd' by the mid-1960s.  Living in an abandoned house out in the woods, he would show up around town and everyone seemed to know him - and that he was "shell-shocked."  He obviously had behavior problems, and it seemed he perceived  things differently.
I also dealt with major head traumas, from which it was actually astounding that I survived.  So I can completely understand the what happens mentally.  Also I sympathize with

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