Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An early garden tour

My optimistic thermometer on a blue spruce in front of the strawberry patch, budding peonies and two very young lilac bushes

The strawberries did okay after being tarped all winter and with a couple of episodes of "tarp removal regret" this spring. I think these should be moved so I won't have to tarp them at all (maybe they should do that with the banks, they off-shore their profits anyway).

The vegetable garden with paving stones for walking around on wet days and fencing because of deer, rabbits and a groundhog (I've watched the latter dig up garlic planted around the outside!)

If you look really close, you can see the tomato plant starts to the right of the onions, which were doing okay even during the winter. But I've already lost several starts of tomatoes and basil but have plenty left, even after this second round. I'm as optimistic as the thermometer :)

New fire pit

Young blueberry bush (1 of 4)

Edging now further expanded (Can't believe I used to risk my neck mowing this!)

Very proud of my Virginia Bluebell, which has survived a few transplantings and Wisconsin frost

"Shouldn't you be planting these two new trees?"

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